Botanic Co.

Tea to help you Reset, Rebalance & Chill



At Botanic Co. we believe chill is a super power so this wellness tea blend was created with one goal; to de-stress the mind, body and soul. 

This blend not only tastes amazing but has been infused with adaptogenic superherbs to help support the body to adapt to stress and help you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. 

This is definitely one you need in your life.

Tasting notes

Flavourful tones of schizandra berry and turmeric with earthy elements of nettle leaf, infused with refreshing aromas of lemon.

Note from our founder 

Our first Botanic Co. blend really packs a punch in terms of health benefits. We curated this blend using ingredients I know your body will love; Nettle leaf is jam-packed full of essential nutrients, turmeric is an all round health powerhouse, lemon verbena is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and of course our star ingredient schizandra berry. Schizandra berry is a multi-functional adaptogen herb which not only helps balance the nervous and immune system but is known to support a healthy endocrine system which for you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) is critical for hormone balance and boosting fertility health. It's a gorgeous calming blend which you can drink all day long. 

Scoop: 1 teaspoon per cup
Steep: Infuse for at least 5 minutes

Sip: Feel the Positive Vibes

50g Pouch of Loose Leaf Tea (1 teaspoon per cup, approx. 25 cups of tea)